Physical Therapy / Pre-taping massage gel

A massage gel made by therapists
...for therapists!

What makes PT Gel different?

Not only is PT Gel a wonderful medium for therapeutic massage, it dries quickly with no oily residue following the massage. This allows the therapist to apply supportive strapping immediately after use or continue with manual techniques with a dry contact surface……no cleaning required!

Natural Ingredients

PT Gel's unique formula combines the therapeutic effects of Arnica (Widrig et al 2007) and Eucalyptus

Unique Effects

A massage medium that dries quickly with no residual oiliness

Cost Effective

PT Gel is significantly less expensive than other massage products

after a massage, you can:

Loved by Practitioners and Clients

Practitioners love the quick drying time to enable taping or other manual treatments. Clients love the non-greasy skin after treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions.

PT Gel is a topical gel for use in therapeutic massage of muscular aches and pains. PT Gel contains contains arnica and eucalyptus, a unique combination of active ingredients that dries quickly. This allows for immediate strapping/taping if required.

Benefits the patient and the therapist 

: PT Gel improves contact strength of tape!

: PT Gel dries quickly, no oily hands

: PT Gel contains clinically proven pain relieving arnica                                                   

Other products on the market have been reported to irritate therapists eyes. PT Gel is a neutral gel, therefore no eye irritation even with multiple use.

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