Our Story
PT Gel is Australian made and owned. Developed over 15 years by Physiotherapist Rod Ingram

With over 30 years of experience in the health industry as both a Physiotherapist and a Massage Therapist. ​Rod has created a product that not only has therapeutic ingredients but is practical to use.

Clinical Trials have found that applying sports tape (rigid or elastic) following a massage with PT Gel actually enhances the adhesiveness of the tape up to 2 times!

​PT Gel’s unique water gel based formula combines the clinically proven therapeutic effects of Arnica (Widrig et al, 2007) and Eucalyptus.

Natural Ingredients

PT Gel's unique formula combines the therapeutic effects of Arnica (Widrig et al 2007) and Eucalyptus

Unique Effects

A massage medium that dries quickly with no residual oiliness

Cost Effective

PT Gel is significantly less expensive than other massage products

PT Gel creator
"When I was developing PT Gel I wasn't just thinking of the benefits for the client. We, the therapist's, are just as important! If I'm going to have gel or cream on my hands for a large part of my day, I want a quality product that is going to ensure my longevity as a therapist! Arnica has been proven to assist in hand joint pain specifically. My hands are my livelihood."
Physiotherapist RODNEY INGRAM
Bach. App. Sci. Physio., Cert. Massage, Cert. Diab. Managt
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